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“Call us innovative, call us a busy bubble but ultimately we are just creative digital people”

Samantha Watson
Digital communications specialist
Samantha has implemented a range of digital communication strategies as an online editor and journalist. She has combined the benefits of new media by working with creative individuals and organisations, such as The Afiya Trust, to integrate social media to enhance reporting, engagement, advocacy and campaigning. She is an accredited journalist with early beginnings as a reporter for the Waltham Forest Guardian newspaper. She has written for a range of national and international publications such as the New York Amsterdam News, and human rights organisations, for instance The 1990 Trust. She participated in the US State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) where she gave talks, reported and gained an understanding of the social and political structures of communities across America.

She is currently the co-editor of www.verbalcontext.co.uk

To learn more about Samantha visit her blog www.samanthawatson.org.uk.