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Social Media Rat Race


Is the social media race too hot for you? Do you feel it is moving too fast? At just one glance you may feel as though you are being left behind or overwhelmed.

A friend recently said “I can’t keep up with this entire new social media – it’s just flying over my head”. In a way they are right, social media, the likes of Linkedin, Facebook, MeetUp and Twitter is currently moving at an exponential speed and for many there is a feeling that it is beyond their reach and capabilities.

The fact is social media is moving forward at such a speed that although applications like TweetDeck, Hootsuite and others are trying to make the experience more manageable there is still a gap in engaging and educating new users to these new applications, let alone explaining what the benefit is in using them.

But the question is if you do not join the race are you then being left behind? Engaging in social media is not for everyone and traditional social interaction is still very important. However, businesses have now seen how effective social media can be used to benefit their businesses. Based on the return on investment, many businesses will now allocate part of their financial budget to social media. Statics from Meltwater Group, the future of content for content marketing, has shown that businesses have increased their social media marketing by 78 per cent. Many will outsource or have an in-house communications staff member who handles the many networks available to them.

The extent to the practical uses of social media is endless. In our other posts on SAWA, we have shown how political campaigns use social media to their advantage; the many ways to network online via mobile apps, and how highly interactive it can be via reality television programmes. As another example, people are now using Linkedin as online resumes. So will the traditional way of filling out a job application and writing a personal statement become defunct? The uses of social media are endless and continue to be innovative.

So how do we keep up before we get knocked out?

Try not to feel overwhelmed. You are not alone; there are many people who are just getting started with social media.
Do not join social networks just to say you are on them. It is best to join a network that will benefit you and your cause. It is worth being on at least one network and using it to its full capacity.
Take micro steps. If you know which network best suits you, join and learn its capabilities to you and your organisation’s benefit.
Social media is continual social interaction. Once you start you have to keep that interaction going but try not to get addicted.

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