Has Moot put the moo back into online forums?

We live in a digital age where everything is discussed. We want to respond to everything, either on a blog post, a picture you have seen or something you have heard about in the news. To an extent it has always ...


Social Media Rat Race

Is the social media race too hot for you? Do you feel it is moving too fast? At just one glance you may feel as though you are being left behind or overwhelmed. A friend recently said “I can’t keep up with this ...


New digital commissions for SAWA

SAWA is now working with two new clients continuing to expand more work in to the area of literature. Look out for digital communications work with HopeRoad Publishing and Words of Colour.


Project with local political councillor

SAWA is currently managing the web content for the councillor Patrick Vernon. Mr Vernon, a Labour councillor for the London Borough of Hackney, is founder, film maker and historian of Every Generation Media. To view some of our work visit


Speaking Out and Standing Firm

Here at Sawa we are currently putting the finishing touches to the blog Speaking Out and Standing Firm. “Speaking Out and Standing Firm is an exciting and innovative programme developed by Every Generation in partnership with Haringey Library Services. The project facilitated inter-generational ...


Digital Activism? Embrace It

Activists come in all shapes and forms. We have political activists fighting for political democracy, social activists fighting for the impoverished and underrepresented. We also have environmental activists fighting for eco causes. So why are the online generation of activists who fight ...


Use E-Newsletters To Your Advantage!

The astonishing rate at which Twitter and Facebook continues to grab users is still at its peak and although it is unlikely to slow down the one form of online media that can enhance both mediums is now gaining pace. E-newsletters, also known ...


Promote Your Message – Get it out in 5 easy Steps!

Whether you run a business or you are the next budding community activist, there will always be a message you wish to convey to your audience and more importantly you will want to be heard. Music artists, for example, do it all ...